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She worked in Marie France Bodyline for a few years managing 106 outlets in the entire Malaysia. She studied Business Information Technology and she never had any experience with sales and marketing. She was scared and not confident enough to do face to face marketing as a career.


Ice took the challenge and started her new job because her mother needs money for operation. She knew that her previous basic salary is not enough, and she can’t have the money her mom will be blind.


When she joined the business, she started in Even Management team, saved RM 10,000 in 3 months time and paid her mom’s operation in cash. With her persistence and dedication, she was advanced to 2 levels, Team Leadership within 3 months and after, Senior Team Leadership in 2 months. Ice never stop from dreaming something big, right after 5 months she was again promoted to Assistant Owner with 19 team members on her team and she was really proud that all of her guys are 100 percent personal recruits.


Ice took the opportunity to branch out to Johor Bahru leaving some of her team members. She branched out as an Assistant Owner doing Business-to-Business (B2B) for The National Kidney Foundation Malaysia (NKF) within 5 months. Then after they changed to Takaful as their campaign in events and streets as their channel from July 2017 until today.


Currently, she is now an Owner managing 34 team members and yet all of the are all personal recruits. She is planning to open a new office in Kuching by the end of the year. And also, aiming to become the Rookie Owner of the Year.


Part of her plans are to build a solid power house in Kuching, to become a Regional Manager in East Malaysia and have her own Sales Rally.


Life isn't finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.

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