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Senior Team Leader

With his work experience in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, he decided to move to Johor Bahru leaving his friends and family in Kuala Lumpur.


He opened up his own business in Johor Bahru prior to joining Appco on July 2017. With him alone venturing into business he lacks the “G” in GRASP principle. Meeting Ice and Eric, with their enthusiasm and idea, he jumps into the opportunity and joined the company.


What made him stay in the business is because of the people, the people that helped him build the company and also the constant guidance given to him throughout his journey.


Norris got promoted to Team Leadership on December 2017, and after 3 months he had been advanced to Senior Team Leadership. He considered himself to be adventurous and want to help and lead his team explore the entire Johor Bahru.


His future goals are to explore the East Malaysia and he is very excited for all the opportunities that may come in his way.

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