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Assistant Owner

Oo Yong is a fresh graduate with a degree in accountancy which is totally not related to any aspect in Marketing. He describes himself as an introvert type of person, having a difficulty in      speaking with other except from his family and close friends.


When he joined the business, he learned and improved his communication and management skills and most importantly his confidence.


He started on December 20, 2016 in KL Wisma Gold Hill office. After 2 months of continuous learning, he moved to Johor Bahru and worked closely with one of the clients under charities division. Oo Yong moved to commercial division on July 2017 which he achieved three major advancement levels from Leader to Senior Team Leader in a span of a month. On March 2018, Oo Yong received another advancement to Assistant Ownership.


What he loves most about his journey in the business is the opportunity to travel in and out of the country. Ans also, the opportunity to learn and earn.


His goal for 2018 is to get promoted to Owner Partner by the of year and run his own marketing company with 30 people under his team.

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