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In 2003, Eric went to United Kingdom and live there for 10 years.  He studied Computer Science.  He opened up a restaurant in South-East London in 2007, run and managed it for 6 years. He came back to Malaysia on December 2013.


He has to start everything, he left the Malaysia for 10 years, and even forgot how to speak Malay. He is desperately wondering what is good to do.  He applied in Appco and started doing sales. Eric don't have any clue how to do face-to-face sales.


He is confident because he had a fantastic leader who always lead from the front, showed him how to master sales, taught him how to be a great leader and helped him to get into management.


What he likes most in the business is the new set of skills he learned which he doesn’t even pay at all just to learn them all. He believes that the company’s system makes everything easy.

The system made him a professional one even if you don’t have any experience.


His vision and mission are to build 100 people under his organization in Johor Bahru and expand to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. In addition, Eric is also planning to work and open new offices in other countries such as Indonesia.



My vision and mission now is to build 100 people in my organization in JB then expand to kuching and kota kinabalu. I am also looking into Indonesia & China. Because in 7 years , i just want to spend my time with my wife and kids!! Less work time.


You only got to live once,  if you do it right once is ENOUGH.

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